Students at the Academy of Sentigi

The Building Tomorrow Academy of Sentigi, supported by the student chapter of BT at the University of Notre Dame, is located in the Wakiso District of Uganda. During the 2007-08 academic year alone, hundreds of students at the University of Notre Dame helped to raise over $40,000 to support what will now be known as the BT Academy of Sentigi. At full capacity, the Academy will provide education for 325 kids. Construction on the Academy began on April 6, 2009 and is slated to be completed by Spring 2010. Way to go, Notre Dame!


The BT Academy of Kiyamba

On a Friday morning in June 2009, 180 students made their way into the new BT Academy of Kiyamba for the first day of school, and to their relief, they didn’t even have to sneak in. Through the incredible awareness and fundraising activities of the Butler University BT chapter, raising over $45,000 in just one year, the BT Academy of Kiyamba now provides space for 325 children to receive a primary-level education.

Consistent with BT’s cost-sharing model, the community of Kiyamba, Uganda volunteered approximately 25,000 hours of labor to construct the Academy, made of all local supplies, including over 50,000 hand crafted bricks, local timber and other aggregate materials. Amazing.


>> Currently, Building Tomorrow has five open academies, with another five expected to be completed by the beginning of 2011. Get to know them at Building Tomorrow’s BT Academies page.


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