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3 Dec

This video is of community volunteers making stabilized soil bricks for Building Tomorrow Academy of Kyeitabya.

This holiday season, I would love if you would consider donating $25 to Building Tomorrow. That $25 purchases 225 bricks for a school! That 225 bricks brings us one step closer with providing students with an education.

For me , I’m replacing my coffee budget with bricks. I find it very easy to just walk down the steps in the library and pull out the $3 for a cup of coffee to keep me awake for the evening. Instead, I could just make the coffee at home and save those extra dollars. My goal for the rest of the semester is to do just that and save that money to donate to Building Tomorrow. When I think about it, a child’s education is far greater than my desire for coffee.

Join our holiday campaign for Building Tomorrow.

– Katelin


The gift of a new school

2 Dec

The gift that builds schools for students like you

I’m sure you’ve all been inundated with gift catalogs, online shopping deals & alternative gift giving opportunities. Why not choose something that would truly make a difference in the life of another student?

A student like Sarah…

Before & after school each day, Sarah collects water for her family. She carries a 10L jug filled to the brim…heavy for her by anyone’s standards yet, unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see many girls in her community carrying jugs twice that size. With all of the walking Sarah does each day, we weren’t surprised when she told us that the one thing she is most excited about when it comes to her new school, the future BT Academy of Kyeitabya, is the simple fact that it’s “okumpi” (Lugandan for “near”).

We’re excited, too.

This holiday season, you can help Building Tomorrow build more schools that are “okumpi”.


Join our holiday campaign for Building Tomorrow.

100% of what you raise will go towards building new schools in Uganda…just like Sarah’s.

Webale nnyo & Happy Holidays,
Maggie & Kenzie